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Boiler manufacturer responsible with environment and efficiency

As a responsible and innovative boiler manufacturer, we systematically focus on environmental protection and saving of resources. Our sustainable and efficient systems keep CO2 emissions low and contribute to a reduction in climate change. We supply this type of best boilers in Singapore. Please check out here for the best boilers…

Reliable energy for the whole world

More than 100 000 boiler systems supplied in over 140 countries are clear evidence of the high quality and reliability of our industrial boilers. We will be pleased to supply you on request details of our numerous references. You will find our systems in practically every branch of industry – among others in the drinks, food, building, chemical, textile and paper industries.

Industrial boilers with signature and seal

Our highly modern boiler production facilities ensure that our systems have a quality advantage, which is confirmed by the official quality seals of almost all the approval bodies and certification institutes in the world.A boiler system tailored to your requirements is a foundation stone on which you can sustainably ensure the competitiveness of your company. We also offer you modular and universal solutions through our complete boiler delivery programme. The
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Heat pump is a device in which the refrigerant R410A is continuously changing the shape from gas to liquid. It pumps out the solar energy from the air in the room and together with electrical energy consumed by compressor it gives out the total heating capacity which is accumulated in the water storage tank. Evaporator is an air-refrigerant heat exchanger. In the evaporator the refrigerant is vaporized at low pressure and relative low temperature.
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Heating boiler is an ideal solution for central heating systems of local heating supply with a diverse application profile. The heating boiler UT-L is used particularly in hospitals, homes, office buildings, residential complexes as well as throughout industry. Its high level of flexibility makes the UT-L ideally suitable for use as a reserve and peak load boiler at heating power stations and combined heat and power plants. The heating boiler is offered as a fully operational unit including equipment*.
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