Safe and reliable
Electric current is totally isolated from shower (swimming pool) water to increase the safety index. It is free from any safety – threatening problems like electric, flammability, explosiveness, and poisoning available in electric water heater and gas water heater.

High effective and electricity-saving
The heat pump can get a large amount of free heat energy from air while is dissipates electricity only equal to energy used by the compressor to move the air and sunshine. In this way, it only consumes electricity about one fourth that of traditional electric heater in order to provide the same amount of hot eater, thus saving a lot of expenses for the customers.

Green and environment-friendly
The heat pump adopts three clean energies including solar energy, heater in the air and electricity to be free from environment pollution caused by mineral fuel as oil, coal and gas.

Round-the-clock application
The heat pump is not affected by bad weather like cloudy and rainy for round-the-clock application, in can compensate the disadvantages of ordinary solar energy affected by weather conditions without guaranteeing round-the-clock hot water supply throughout the year, in addition, it is equipped with precise water temperature control system to guarantee constant water temperature in bath or in swimming pool.

Long life span and good durability
Major accessories in the heat pump, such as compressor and four-way valve are high-quality product manufactured by world-famous factories. The outer shell is super-thick coated
steel plated resistant to corrosion so as to guarantee high quality of the product with a life span as long as more than 10 years, which is far longer than the life span of other type of water heater.

Wide application
The heat pump has series of products with different volumes to meet different demands by ordinary households, factory, school, hotel, restaurants, hospital, beauty salons, swimming pool, laundries and bath centers to provide continuous hot water for life and production.


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