Evaporator is an air-refrigerant heat exchanger. In the evaporator the refrigerant is vaporized at low pressure and relative low temperature. Because of vaporization the heat transfer form air to refrigerant starts. Vaporized refrigerant comes in the compressor where the pressure goes higher and also the temperature. From compressor the vaporized and high temperature steam goes in the condenser (refrigerant-water) where again the heat is transferred from refrigerant to water. The refrigerant is now in liquid shape idler high pressure. After it flows thought the expansion valve it reaches the basic shape and he process goes around again. The circuit is in process until the water temperature in the water storage tank reaches the set point.

The Device Main Advantages

  • High COP due to adopt R410A and high efficient compressor of Japanese famous brand name.
  • Displays water temperature.
  • Displays error code when having problem.
  • Automatic control of defrosting-cycle.
  • Pretty and compact in appearance. Stainless steel shell and various color galvanized sheet for option.
  • Quiet running due to low speed fan.
  • Duct length of 7 meters.
  • Easy to install or maintain.


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