Proven over many decades

The UNIMAT UT-HZ hot water boiler is a shell boiler in 3-pass technology with two completely separate flame tubes and smoke gas passages. This 2-flame tube/smoke tube boiler has been in use for decades and is built with separate smoke gas passages. Thus, the boiler is also suitable for operation with only single firing. Flue gas heat exchangers can be upplemented in modular design for heat recovery.


Its suitability for the unrestricted parallel or single operation of its firing units is not only due to the stable separation on the flue gas side. The special design measures for eutralising the tension forces in single-flame operation are critical for permanent stability. The flame tubes are pushed through in the front and rear floors and welded tightly all around. The water-flushed rear smoke gas reversing chamber is separated with a stabilising tube wall, which has water flowing through, and is also anchored to the rear floor. The large pressure relief surfaces together with the reversing chamber ceiling floor anchoring ensure low stress loads. The unrestricted single operation provides high load flexibility. The adjustment range is doubled, unnecessary energy losses can be reduced.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Intuitive boiler control on SPC basis with very high transparency of operating data
  • High level of efficiency due to 3-pass technology, an integrated flue gas heat exchanger and effective heat insulation materials
  • Up to 93 % boiler efficiency without, up to 96 % boiler efficiency with flue gas heat exchanger and up to 105 % with condensing heat exchanger
  • Suitable for all burner systems
  • Pollutant reduced combustion thanks to the use of highly developed firing systems and careful matching of the best boiler and burner combination
  • Easy for maintenance – conveniently accessible on both the flue gas side as well as the water side
  • Robust, reliable and unsurpassed in its durability
  • Acceptance in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive – applied almost worldwide
  • Simple extension options thanks to integrated module technology
  • Smoke tube passes free of flow components
  • High permissible temperature spread of up to 40 K


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