All data is transmitted to the system control SCO via the bus system. Together with the boiler water conductivity and conductivity of the condensate streams all relevant water parameters are thus available in the SCO. Demand-based controlling and monitoring tasks can be performed fully automatically. If set limit values are exceeded, all parameters are transferred to the fault message storage of the SCO. Continuous logging of the data is also possible. This can either be transmitted to a higher-level management system via Profibus or output directly to a local printer via a defined interface.


The water analyzer consists of an analysis part and electronic part, which are housed in two interconnected factory-fitted wall-mounted cases.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced input of dosing agent due to precise continuous measurement and control
  • Increase of operating safety due to analytically correct measurement results
  • Time-saving due to automatic measurement
  • Fast reaction is possible by means of immediate signalling in the event of deviations
  • Reduction of damage caused by insufficient water parameters
  •  Reduction of desalting and blow-down losses by means of demand-based dosing
  • Reduction of make-up water, dosing agent and heating-up steam by means of less desalination and blow-down losses


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