Water service module WSM

The water service module supplies steam boilers with degassed and chemically conditioned feed water and disposes of the desalting and waste water.

  • Discharge and storage of condensate and make-up water
  •  Thermal partial deaeration of the feed water with WSM-T
  • Thermal full deaeration of the feed water with WSM-V
  • Chemical conditioning of the feed water
  • Expansion and cooling of the desalting and waste water
  • Cooling of the water samples
  • SPC control and display for
    •  water level in the container
    • feed water temperature for the WSM-T
    • container pressure for the WSM-V
    • blow-down temperature
  • Control for chemical dosing
  • Dry running protection feed pump module
  • Overflow protection


All components are piped, thermally insulated and electrically wired in the highest equipment quality level for a multi-functional assembly unit. Elaborate scaffold constructions are not necessary: The compact module is mounted on a stable support device and designed for installing at ground level. All functions are computer-aided and automatically controlled with a programmable controller SPC with touch panel.


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